Corporate History

To the Future with Expertise and Current Technology Acquired by Scientific Education

Fethiye's First Private Dialysis Center

Our work, which started with 8 hemodialysis devices in Calis Region, which has a high tourism potential in Fethiye, Dr. Talat ÖRNEK joined us as Specialist and Responsible Manager and continued to serve with our capacity increasing to 14 devices in 2004 .

In 2008, we built our building specially designed for dialysis to meet the increasing need in Fethiye. We are currently serving with hemodialysis unit, emergency response unit, resting room, guesthouse and 27 + 1 device capacity.


Our center was put into service in Fethiye, Çalış with 8 Hemodialysis devices in 2001.


In 2004, Dr. Talat ÖRNEK joined our staff as an expert physician and responsible manager and increased to 14 devices.


The building that we currently serve has been planned as a hemodialysis unit and guesthouse and has been serving in the same place since 2008 with a 27 + 1 device capacity.

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