Dialyses Center

Physical Conditions, Current Technology, Access Advantages and Expert Staff

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Quality Service, For Easy Access

Designed for Dialysis Center

We started in 2001 with 8 Hemodialysis devices. We have increased to 14 devices in Fethiye and in line with the demands of our holidaymakers and increasing our staff. Of course, this required the transition to a building that was specially designed for us to provide you with a safer and more comfortable service and even to meet the need for additional growth in the near future.

Since 2008, we have been in our building built with 27 + 1 devices, electrical, oxygen systems infrastructures, large hemodialysis hall, waiting and emergency response and management departments.

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Knowledge, Expertise, Trust

Strong, Expert Team

Hemodialysis is a specialist treatment method. All of the employees of Private Fethiye Dialysis Center are experts who have all the necessary academic training and certifications in this regard and have passed competency tests specific to our center.

Our team consists of a total of 16 people, including our friends other than the medical staff.1 Internal Medicine Specialist, 1 General Practitioner, 1 Hemodialysis Nurse Responsible, 2 Hemodialysis Nurse, 4 Hemodialysis Technician, 1 Public Relations Officer, 1 Financial and Administrative Affairs Officer, 1 Advisory Staff, 1 Cleaning Officer, 1 Security Officer, 2 Drivers

Dialyses Center

Fully Updated Hardware

Dialysis With Latest Technology

Our service, which we started in 2004 with 8 hemodialysis devices, continues today with 27 + 1 devices. We are constantly updating our technology to provide you with a health service.

The overall electricity need of our entire device and building is supported by the uninterrupted power supply (UPS) and generator against power cuts.

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What would you like to drink?

Fun, Enjoyable Dialysis

In Fethiye Dialysis, you will always receive a comfortable and pleasant dialysis treatment, away from everyday rush.

  • We take you from your home / hotel with our air-conditioned vehicles and leave them back after hemodialysis.
  • If you arrive early, you can use our rest waiting room, you can have tea, coffee and chat with your friends there.
  • You can use wireless internet at any time and watch your desired channel with your private TV in your bed.

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We are at your door just in time.

Easy Access, Transfer Service

We pick you up from your location with the timing you will not expect when you arrive and leave it back after your treatment.

We serve,

  • 6 days in a week(Monday – Saturday)
  • from 06:00 in the morning to our last patient in the evening at 20:00
  • with our air-conditioned vehicles and
  • with our drivers with the necessary certificates in the field of transportation

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Privilege in Dialysis

Dialysis on Vacation & Fethiye Effect

Fethiye is a world-famous location for both summer vacation and cultural tourism. With its unique nature, world-renowned beaches, bays, and historical heritage, it is on the travel route of numerous domestic and foreign tourists. It offers opportunities for paragliding, rafting, scuba diving, motocross, kiteboarding, windsurfing, and similar activities.

We plan your holiday, accommodation, hemodialysis treatment together. Let us take care of your health and enjoy the holiday to the fullest.

Özel Fethiye Diyaliz Merkezi